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Written, recorded, performed, mastered, album art... by Dana Telsrow except where noted


released March 12, 2013

Peter Gillette - Trumpet (Nocturnal, Troubleshoot, and He's Got The Whole World)
Ryan Smith - Alto Saxophone (Nocturnal, Troubleshoot, and He's Got The Whole World)
Dan English - Electric Guitar (He's Got The Whole World)
Nora Petran - Vocal and Acoustic Guitar (He's Got The Whole World)
Jake Missen - Drums (He's Got The Whole World)
Izaak Thompson - Synthesizer (He's Got The Whole World)
Curt Oren - Baritone Saxophone (He's Got The Whole World)
Zach Spindler AKA reldnips - Trombone (Spelling Bee)




Telsrow Records Iowa City, Iowa

Dana Telsrow aka DANA T aka
Sugar Shield.

Producer for Karen Meat

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Track Name: Nocturnal
I was meant to be nocturnal
I was meant to feed on a sleeping mouse
I was never meant to see the holy soil
which I am sure to get to know in a couple years

Live by the light of computer screens
I've got my own man in the moon
Now I've got no memory
Of all the things that make me who I was

I was never meant to see the sun rise
In all its AM glory wiping the sleep from its eyes
I've never heard a rooster crow signifying a new day
A new cycle has begun but circles never end

I've been living in the dark for many years now
everyone else has gone out to play
in the conspicuous hours of the day
Track Name: Troubleshoot
Whose belief as strong as mine
Cascading fears of time
Always slipping through our fingers
With luck our voice will linger

If we can break through these walls
And ignore social calls
We can learn to be happy
We can live to be happy

I wonder why
I can't seem to fly
In dreams I had so few
Always stuck in troubleshoot
Soft souls reach out with the youth
Sweet hearts sing out with the truth
I can almost see them there
Almost hear them in the air
Track Name: He's Got The Whole World
Dan plays the guitar with a guitar in his hands
Nora likes to sing songs with a guitar in her hands

Sounds so good I don’t ever wanna know how
Sounds so good I can hardly believe my ears

Jake likes to play the drums with a drumstick in his hands
He’s got the whole world in his hands
Izaak plays the keyboard with a keyboard in his hands
He’s got the whole world in his hands

Sounds so good I don’t ever wanna know how
Sounds so good I could listen it for years

Curt plays the saxophone with a sax inside his hands
Peter plays the trumpet with a trumpet in his hands
I play the tuba with a tuba in my hands
I like to sing songs with a guitar in my hands
Track Name: You're The Best
I never asked to be
compelled to make this stuff
I feel like there's more to do
I can't save anyone from here

I'm crazy because you're the best person I've ever met

My voice is getting rough
From yelling every night
I'm too shy to sing to you
Even when it's just us
Track Name: Cool Cats
I am always in between
The levels of fidelity
I'm not quite a part of it
But I'm well versed in the scene
My tiger tie-dye shirt
And brown frilly vest
Weren't so cool in the 5th grade
But now they'd be the best

Tried hanging with the cool cats
But I'm a bit too warm
Mingled with the high class
But they don't get my charm
Hung out with the strung out
But they lied too low
The scholars only hollered
'bout what I didn't know

I use a shitty keyboard
And I bought it second hand
The same day that I bought it
I saw it in another band
I try so hard to be clever
But irony's a fad
Hoola hoops are cool I guess
But I don't want one very bad
Track Name: Spelling Bee
When I was young
I cried waiting for the dumbo ride
I was a claustrophobe
Trapped inside a polar bear cave
I told my mom
My step sisters tried to suffocate me
I love them though
They both have kids of their own

When my mom had a stroke
ET scared me
My grandpa mowed our lawn
ET scared me
I would always help him
ET scared me
They cut down the apple tree

My best friend
Wanted to be in the military
I just like
Watching war movies
I wanted to be
A paleontologist
It's not the same
Thing as archaeology

I pretended to have a farm
I won an essay about America
They gave me one gold coin
I got second in the spelling bee

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